Profile: Lulie — Big Island, Hawaii

Nestled in the small artist community of Holualoa, just a short drive from the local Waldorf school, you will find a tranquil getaway and a friendly host. Lulie, whose three children attended Kona Pacific, loves welcoming visitors from around the world and sharing her Big Island life.  

Lulie has offered Steiner BnB the same the generosity that her guests rave about by taking the time to share with us the ins and outs of her life as an English Waldorf mom on a little island in the middle of the Pacific. Mahalo, Lulie!

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“I am originally from England. I moved from Colorado to Hawaii in 2001 with my husband at the time, and our 3 little children….5, 3 and 1 years old. Their father, Greg started working at Kona Pacific Waldorf School as a grades teacher.

We lived in a little garden house on the school property in a beautiful and magical Hawaiian forest.

I ran an in-home preschool as well as being very involved with the school. Especially with holiday fairs and festivals. I often dressed up as a fairy or magical character for the children.

Living in Hawaii for almost 20 years has had its ups and downs. Mainly the biggest challenge is being far away from family and from anywhere else.

But this also encouraged myself and other people I know to create a strong and supportive community and family of our own, known in Hawaii as o’hana.

I love the ocean and have always visited it often.

When the children were little we would go to the beach regularly with other families and friends. We often camped and would drive our bus right onto the beach. Hawaii is a wonderful place for children to grow up. There is so much freedom and there is beautiful nature.

We used to live in South Kona where there are lots of farms and people living off the land.

We always had a constant flow of mangoes, avocados and other island treats. The families would get together and have gatherings and potlucks with bonfires, singing, and dancing. It was so much fun! I have met some of the most interesting and my favorite people in Hawaii.

It did become harder as the children got older.

It was expensive to travel with 3 children and I felt the island culture lacked worldly experiences that I wanted my children to have. Also, some of the island influences were not so positive and made it challenging for the teenage years. I traveled back to England every other year with my children. I missed it and my family there a lot. Sometimes I got homesick and thought of moving.

For the most part, my children stayed out of trouble and enjoyed sports and creative outlets.

Now that they are all grown up I feel that Hawaii gave them a positive and diverse,  cultural experience.  Being caucasian, they were a minority in Hawaiian high schools. This taught them to respect all people as their brothers and sisters no matter their race or background. It also taught them to be strong individuals.

Two of my children have moved to the Pacific Northwest for school and other opportunities.

My middle son lives in South Kona. He trims trees for his work and enjoys fishing, hunting and surfing. A true Hawaii boy!

I now live with my second husband of 10 years in a coffee shack that we just bought and renovated.

It is in an art village called Holualoa, closer to the town of Kona. I love it because it is in the middle of everything. Close to our jobs, the beaches, nature, not too far from our friends and it is in the hills so it is a comfortable and cool elevation.

Now that I own this lovely property I feel quite content in Hawaii. I enjoy traveling to different places to visit my children and other family. I enjoy taking trips to Europe, the US, and Asia but it always feels so good to fly back to our little Big Island, far away from everything, and be home.

We rent out rooms in our “English Cottage in Hawaii“ on Steiner BnB.

I really enjoy this because it feels like the world comes to us with visitors from around the world.

All of our guests enjoy the open, real Hawaii feel of our home. There are only screens for windows.  You hear the coqui frogs at night and the roosters in the morning. It is a lovely relaxing place.

I swim five times a week at nearby beaches.

I still substitute at the Waldorf school and I still occasionally dress up as a magical character.

I hope you come and visit us soon❤️”