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Conference Season Is Upon Us!

Steiner BnB needs your support to expand our network of affordable housing options in areas that are hosting gatherings including conferences, training, and 100th-year-anniversary celebrations.

Whether a teacher, parent, farmer, eurythmist, Steiner enthusiast or someone who values the principles of Waldorf education, you can help us increase our property listings by spreading the word or by listing space in your home. The website’s calendar easily allows you to offer your space during conference dates only or to leave it available for other dates as well. The more the site expands the better we can serve our community.


April will be a busy month for conferences at the Goetheanum. If you are looking for a welcoming space in an Anthroposophic home walking distance to the Goetheanum, look no further than Kunst BnB.

 April 11 – 14, 2019  In the Heartbeat of Time, Living with the Anthroposophical SocietyAnnual Conference and Annual General Meeting 2019 of the General Anthroposophical Society

April 15 – 19, 2019* Inner Freedom – Social Responsibility: Finding Ways into a Human Future, Waldorf 100 World Early Childhood Conference 2019

*Only 2 rooms left at Kunst BnB for these dates – Book now!

April 23 – 27, 2019  Courage, the International Students’ Conference organized by the Youth Section

Rudolf Steiner College

Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, California will be hosting upcoming events with researcher, artist, biodynamic gardener, and alchemist, Dennis Klocek. Just a few minutes drive from the college is a peaceful retreat still available in the home of a biodynamic consultant. 

April 12-14, 2019 Three Souls: One Spirit, A Palm Sunday Coros Retreat

Effective Farming: Growing Exceptional Plants (Thursday evenings to Saturday afternoons)

Jan 31 – Feb 2: Winter    

May 2 – 4: Spring  

July 18 – 20: Summer      

Oct 17 – 19: Fall

Centre for Science and Art in Stroud, UK

For another series on plant alchemy join lecturer, researcher and author of Muck and Mind: Encountering Biodynamic Agriculture, Jonathan Code, at the Centre for Science and Art in Stroud, UK.

Stay in one of five properties listed on Steiner BnB. Choose between a quiet single room a short walk to the High Street including an organic breakfast, a single room overlooking a garden in a bungalow walking distance to towna single or double room in a cozy home with a colorful gardena room at the top of Stroud with lovely views and walks or a large double room in an old Cotswold stone house just out of town.

Contact Jonathan at [email protected] for course information and registration.

Separate & Reunite: An Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Plant Alchemy – Spagyrics

April 6 – 7 2019  The Seat of the Soul of the Plant

June 8 – 9 2019 Mercury & the Plant Spirit

October 19 – 20 2019  Whitening the Salt  *Venue: Emerson College, Forest Row, Sussex